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Brasstown Food Pantry  moving to bi-weekly food distribution


Matt’s Ministry has embarked on a mission of serving the needy in Clay County and has been helping feed our community since 2012.  They are located at 129 WJ Cabe Rd in Hayesville and distribute food on Saturday’s from 9:00 – 12:00.  Last year, after some investigation, they discovered that the community of Brasstown was not being served.  Although welcome to come out to their facility on Cabe Rd, the distance of almost 10 miles made it difficult and very few residents took advantage of their services. After discussions with the Brasstown Community Center, they agreed to set up a food distribution center at the Brasstown Community Center and see what the interest / need would be.  Using social media and the Clay County Progress they marketed dates and times that food distribution would be held once a month at the Community Center.   With the assistance of Matt’s Ministry, Brasstown Community Center, and the many Brasstown volunteers the program has met with much success serving between 30 and 70 families per month.

After reading about the pantry in Brasstown, Clay County Food Pantry reached out to Matt’s Ministry to see if they could assist and increase the Brasstown food pantry distribution from monthly to bi-weekly.  The Clay County Food Pantry has been serving the community for 31 years and has the same goal to provide food assistance to those in need. They are located at 2278 Hinton Center Rd in Hayesville and distribute food on Fridays from 9:00 – 12:00. 

With the combined team of Matt’s Ministry, Clay County Food Pantry, Brasstown Community Center, and local volunteers, they will begin serving our neighbors biweekly starting May 2nd from 11:00 – 1:00.  The Brasstown Community Center is located at 255 Settawig Rd, Brasstown, NC.  All organizations are non-profit with the focus of making our community a better place for all. 


Jerry Sullivan

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